Does the BioCorRx Recovery Program support AA and other 12-step programs?

The BioCorRx Recovery Program has no association or affiliation with AA and is not considered to be in conflict with AA.  That said, it is recognized that many in the throes of addiction are incapable of concentrating and absorbing the teaching of counselors, therapists, and group meetings. The ultimate goal of the BioCorRx program is simply to help as many individuals as possible to become sober, and to maintain sobriety. By eliminating the intrusive and overwhelming craving to drink through naltrexone therapy, patients can better ingest, digest, and apply the teachings and tools available to them from their counselors, therapists, and other support environments with which they feel most comfortable and consider useful.  Support groups such as AA, SMART Recovery and others serve as a safe place to be constantly reminded of the risk of relapse, and typically provide programs and tools intended to help participants maintain long-term sobriety.  The benefit of fellowship and camaraderie of group support in the recovery process cannot be overstated.  Patients are strongly encouraged to explore various groups and tools, to select one or more that works for them, and to participate regularly.