Dr. George Fallieras

Medical Director

Dr. George N. Fallieras comes from a family of physicians. Dr. Fallieras grew up in Tampa, Florida, and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Florida. He obtained his M.D. from the University of Tennessee, and did his residency training in New Orleans at the Tulane Health Science Center/Charity Hospital. Dr. Fallieras is double board certified in both Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Addiction. He has extensive emergency room, hospital inpatient, ICU, inpatient and outpatient detoxification, and outpatient recovery experience. He has served as the Medical Director for multiple large Inpatient Hospitalist programs. He is passionate about international medicine and serves on twice yearly missions trips to rural Dominican Republic and Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Dr. Fallieras has served as expert commentary on multiple news, television, and radio outlets. Dr. Fallieras has always taken a keen interest in addiction medicine, in particular alcohol and opiate abuse. He has provided care to countless alcoholic and addicted patients in the acute hospital setting. He has seen innumerable cases of suffering individuals literally drinking themselves to death. With dread, he has made those difficult calls to parents notifying them of their child’s overdose and death. He has witnessed the profound physical and emotional burden that alcohol and drug abuse inflicts upon the individual and their families. He has seen the disappointment and shame in the eyes of very good and determined individuals who desperately want to quit drinking but are held down by the firm grasp of addiction. Like most people, he has first-hand knowledge of family members and loved ones who have endured this common struggle. As a medical director for BioCorRx, he has established ethical and effective protocols. He believes addiction is a chronic “brain disease” and requires comprehensive treatment including physical and laboratory evaluation, vitamin and nutrient repletion, nutritional support, safe and comfortable detoxification, medications to eliminate or reduce cravings, psychological attention, emotional regulation, behavioral modification to identify/address/avoid/extinguish triggers, and long-term attention and surveillance (group setting and support most effective). Dr. Fallieras has extensive experience treating patients with naltrexone implants at his independent treatment centers and has done become an expert in naltrexone. He has been interviewed by local and national media over the years about naltrexone treatment. He is currently in the process of obtaining his board certification in Addiction Medicine.

Dr. John Dombrowski

Dr. John Dombrowski

Program Ambassador

A frequent speaker on pain care issues, Dr. John Dombrowski began his career by getting a medical degree from Georgetown University and receiving residency training from Yale University in internal medicine and anesthesiology. He later became board certified in anesthesiology and pain medicine and is a licensed acupuncturist as well. Dr. Dombrowski is an accredited addictionologist through the American Society of Addiction Medicine and is the incoming president of the D.C. Maryland chapter. He has made several appearances on NBC’s Today Show, CNN, Good Morning American and Dr. Drew show discussing the safety of pain-control medications and integrated approaches for treating pain.

Enrique Aponte Jr.

Enrique Aponte Jr.

Peer Support Program Manager

Enrique has worked with all different populations such as battered women with children, developmentally delayed individuals, homeless, veterans, and Florida Department of Corrections Returning Citizens. Additionally, Mr. Aponte is an honorably discharged US Army veteran after nearly ten years of active service. He has completed diploma programs in Legal Studies with The Southern College and Counseling and Addictions Studies with the NET Institute. In addition, he is a Certified professional Life and Recovery Coach as well as a Neuro Linguistic Programing – Master Practitioner. He is also an Ordained Minister, while well versed in other spiritual approach schools of thought and completely fluent in the English and Spanish languages. Presently, his volunteer community involvement includes a second term Board Member-At-Large of Central Florida Cares Health System Inc. as a Consumer Advocate. Over a decade serving as a member of the Treatment Sub-Committee with the Orange County Coalition for Drug-Free Community and the Orange County Heroin Task Force Initiative. Mr. Aponte has also coordinated many outreach and awareness projects for community & faith-based organizations including radio and public television appearances. As well as creating his own brand as, Enricovery2Gether, Life-Recovery Coaching Svcs. LLC. Which focus into a robust Life-Work Balance program. He considers one of his most significant professional accomplishment in his career to have been a vital part of successfully narrowing the communication gaps between community & faith-based recovery services providers and the clinical Substance Abuse – Mental Health treatment services providers. As for his personal significant accomplishment; his own recovery. His purpose in the Community Outreach arena is to promote a more cohesive inter-collaboration between providers with the consumers’ best interest in mind. This being possible through successful referrals, the implementation of effective evidence-based wrap-around services and best practices with the objective to obtain the best possible outcomes and sustainability for clients receiving services in order to meet or exceed current quality standards.

Edward Bowz, LMFT

Edward Bowz

Director of Behavioral Therapy

Edward Bowz, LMFT has an MA in Clinical Psychology from Phillips Graduate Institute. He also obtained a master’s degree from New York University and a BA from Rollins College, graduating with a double major. As well as working in his private practice, he works at a counseling center in Beverly Hills and Ventura. He also was an adjunct faculty member in the school of psychology at National University. Completing internships in Postmodern and Modern therapy, he works to achieve the right blend of Cognitive Behavioral, Solution Focused, Narrative, Psychodynamic, and Family Systems therapies for each client. He has been working with BioCorRx for the past five years both as a consultant and psychotherapist for their patients. He was the first psychotherapist certified by BioCorRx in the BioCorRx Counseling Program – 35 Keys to Sobriety. Edward endeavors to tailor his work to client needs by combining modalities in a way that best suits the individual.

Joseph Desanto

Dr. Joseph DeSanto

Medical Director

Dr. DeSanto is a Board Certified physician who practices Addiction Medicine and he has dedicated his life to the pursuit of treating those who suffer from the disease of Addiction. He offers hope and solution when there is none. He is a grateful recovering addict and he understands what it means to suffer from this deadly disease. His patients have access to the latest brain scanning, blood tests, and nutritional assessments which allows him to streamline their treatment plan based on their individual needs. Dr. DeSanto is an active member in several 12 Step Recovery Programs, and he has experience with Spiritual, SMART, and Rational Recovery programs as he has learned that everyone’s needs are different. Dr. DeSanto has a referral network of therapists and healers that are established in the Orange County Addiction Community that have helped his patients to recover and return to beautiful, self-fulfilled lives.

Tom Welch

Exec V.P. BioCorRx

Welch was a founder and Director of Operations at TAK Management from 2012 until 2015. TAK Management was responsible for the streamlining of clinical and financial operations for Start Fresh Alcohol and Opioid Recovery Clinic Inc. His responsibilities included placement and training of key personnel, billing, coding, and collections and establishing and maintaining relationships with outside vendors and physicians. Mr. Welch led a team that completely reorganized clinic operations. Tom’s responsibilities included Implementation of policies and procedures as well as creation of standard practice protocols integrated into multiple locations. Additionally, Tom Implemented traditional media and Social Marketing strategies. Tom was also successful in negotiating reimbursement with major private insurance corporations across the U.S. Prior to his tenure with TAK Management, Mr. Welch had been involved in the identifying and placement of talented executive level candidates nationwide in healthcare since 1999. In addition to doing both temporary and permanent placement as an Executive Healthcare recruiter, he had been engaged in consulting in the long term care, acute care, and rehab care marketplace. Mr. Welch created Benchmark Consulting Group LLC in 2001 in Los Angles California and expanded into Dallas Texas in 2005. He has been actively involved in assisting in infrastructure creation including, front and back office management, billing and coding personnel, clinical management and executive teams. Tom was responsible for negotiating multiple partnership agreements and contracts with major medical corporations and both the Military and Veterans Administration. Welch started his career in Healthcare in Omaha Nebraska where he supervised the medivan program while training for his emergency medical technician license with a private medical firm.