BioCorRx and 2B3D to Pilot First-of-its-Kind PTSD and Addiction Treatment Solutions for Veterans in Metaverse Setting


Collaboration to create a synergistic treatment offering, combining BioCorRx’s MAT treatment program and 2B3D virtual reality technology. Plans toward expanding the offering to other at-risk groups upon evaluating results of pilot with veterans.

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First Trials Set to Begin for BICX104, An Unprecedented Way for Patients to Receive Naltrexone


According to the CDC, there were 75,673 opioid-related overdose deaths from April 2020 to April 2021, a near 20,000 increase from the 12-month period prior… But the latest news from addiction treatment solutions company BioCorRx could change the way patients and treatment providers approach the process of recovery forever.

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Stay Immersed In Your Market Plan


In this episode, we have Ms. Lourdes Felix Chief Executive Officer and Director of BioCorRx and President of BioCorRx Pharmaceuticals Inc. Gurus Lourdes takes us down the path of why being immersed in a market plan pays huge dividends for you and ultimately the patients you help.

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BioCorRx Provides Update on R&D Candidates, Mental Health Awareness and Clinical Development

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BioCorRx Inc. (OTCQB: BICX) is an addiction treatment solutions company offering a unique approach to the treatment of substance use and other related disorders.

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Tom Welch Podcast Interview


Our guest this morning is Tom Welch and Tom Welch is the Executive Vice President of BioCorRx and they are a leading healthcare solutions company and they focus on improving the lives of those struggling with alcohol, opioid and other addictive disorders.

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This new treatment may cure addiction .. any addiction


A medical implant containing a time-released drug that attacks cravings from opiates, heroin and alcohol helped a local businessman break a $9,000 per month addiction to pain medication.

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A year into Biden’s presidency, we’re only burying more overdose victims


In 1999, there were just under 20,000 fatal overdoses. Now, overdose deaths are five times higher—over 100,000 in the 12 months ending May 2021, according to the CDC’s most recent, tragically delayed, data.

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The Pandemic Has Aggravated the Opioid Crisis – Is Biden’s Plan Enough to Combat It?


The pandemic has undoubtedly altered the way of life for all Americans, but it has also shed light into the bleak statistics that are showing the opioid crisis is even worse than ever before.

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‘Saved our son’s life’ — injectable pellet, fentanyl vaccine among cutting-edge addiction treatments


With recent news of record-breaking drug overdose deaths across the country and in our own backyards, News 5 Investigators went searching for the cutting edge strategies in this battle against drugs.

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A New Bill in Congress Designates Methamphetamines as an Emerging Threat, but is it enough?

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At an alarming pace, Meth is gaining ground on opioids as an addictive substance. Solutions could lie in some of Ohio’s recent efforts. Michael Howcroft, Pharmacy Consultant, Beat Addiction Recovery.

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