Get plenty of rest

Alcohol thoroughly disrupts the sleep cycle and alcoholics invariably get poor quality and inadequate sleep for years. Your body needs rest. Listen to it. Inadequate sleep ? increased stress ? increased anxiety ? increased susceptibility to emotions ? increased cravings to drink.

Have healthy snacks available

In recovery, the damaged brain has crossed wires and hunger may manifest as a craving to drink. Have something available to nibble on. In addition, a healthy and wholesome diet helps accelerate brain circuitry repair.

Get Active!

Exercise stimulates natural endorphins, and stimulates the restoration of depleted Dopamine production. There is no better way available. It will improve mood, improve sleep, and improve Ҳelations. Exercise will decrease cravings. Exercise is essential to wellness.

Avoid unhealthy places

You will know deep down the certain places that you should avoid, particularly in the early part of your recovery. It does not require a lot of attention or drama, just simply be quietly and assuredly resolute in your avoidance of places where your fragile recovery may not be safe. If you don's want to slip, don's go where it's slippery.

Replace the unhealthy 'things' in your life

With fulfilling and restorative Ҵhings. As you are no longer wasting your life by sitting in a bar or on the couch drinking or using, fill this newly found time with healthy activities. Change your routine. Exercise. Change your diet. Exercise. Adhere to regular sleeping patterns. Exercise. Take a class. Exercise. Read. Exercise. Eliminate idle time. Hike. Learn Spanish. Do something. Take a walk. Get out into nature. Take up yoga. Exercise...

Replace the unhealthy people in your life

With supportive and inspiring people. Sometimes this is very difficult. Many people are co-dependent and deeply intertwined with people that jeopardize their attempts at recovery and contribute to their destruction. This is hard, but it must be done. If they are willing to respect the new you and your new life, then they can be a part of it. If not, then you will have to express that you care for them and wish them well, but that your health and happiness requires you to make dramatic changes in you life. It is a matter of life and death.


Establish a reliable support network and use it. If you are in a crisis? call! If you are thinking of taking a drink? call! If you are planning on using? call!


Talk to friends. Talk to family. Talk to strangers. Talk to your therapist, recovery coach, and counselors. Talk in your group meetings. Communicate your feelings, your regrets, your fears, and your hopes. Tap into every source of support that is available. Tell a stranger that you have 3 weeks sobriety. Communicating will help you create a web of support that will motive and uplift you when you need it.

Hold on to Hope

You can do this, and you will do this. Know that it won't be easy. And know that some days are harder than others. But be resolute, and never give up hope.

Take it easy, day to day

Breath! Commit to a sober today. And do it again tomorrow. Be patient with yourself. Don't go sprinting out of the gates. Start slow and steady, under control. Pace yourself.

"I am a slow walker, but I never walk back." - Abraham Lincoln