Drastic times calls for drastic measures

Do absolutely everything that it takes. If it takes going to meetings everyday, then do it. Losing your health, your family, your career, and invariably your life, is drastic!

"It is not enough that we do our best; sometimes we must do what is required." - Winston S. Churchill

Understand, with certainty, that alcoholism is an incurable, progressive, fatal disease.

It is a characteristic of your body. Live comfortably, not bitterly, with this understanding. You simply cannot change, trick, or outsmart your physiological make-up. Accept this, just as you accept your height, eye color, food intolerances, and allergies.

Remember your last miserable, damaging, painful, and embarrassing 'drunk'

Instead of glamorizing a delusion of a satisfying, controlled drink.

Join a Support Group

That you feel comfortable with, 12 step or otherwise. Initially it may be very uncomfortable to meet and speak with strangers. With time, they will not be strangers and they will provide you with camaraderie and unending support. They will help save your life. And you will help save theirs. Remember, it takes time to find the right group. Most people visit 4-6 different groups before they settle on the one that they feel most comfortable with. There exists countless different Flavors of group meetings. If youӶe had a bad experience in the past, try again. Try a different time, day, or format style of meeting. Group support is very important for long-term, durable recovery. AA, Smart Recovery, and Celebrate Recovery are a few of the popular and available group support networks. Find the one that you respond best to. But find one!


When you are ready, give of yourself. Serve others. Sponsor another alcoholic. Find purpose. You receive blessings in giving. Find yourself, by losing yourself, in the service of others.Ԋ

Stay in Control

Never allow someone or some situation to wrestle and possess control of you! Do not allow resentments or emotions mentally drive you to drink. Just as no one physically forces you to use or drink, refuse to allow anything or anyone to mentally compel you to hurt yourself. It is your dominion. You are the master. Own it. Own you! Don't relinquish your power.

Understand that relapse is part of recovery

It is not the end of the world. Discard the failure mentality. Your goal is long-term sobriety. Get back on track and continue to plug away. Sometimes a lapse can serve to reinforce you path and goals. You may have an epiphany that using is not fun, not healthy, dreadful, and that you never want to be there again. It can also help you identify certain triggers/emotions that need attention.

"Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat." - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Don't Panic

When the thought of a drink comes to mind. Let it serve as a healthy alarm to remind you of the perils. Use your tools. React with poise, in control of your life.

Be Grateful

Even for the struggle and lessons. Avoid self-pity with ferocity.

Actively fight loneliness

Go to meetings. Join a team. Go to the dog park. Go read at a coffee shop.