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Partner With Us

Partner With Us

The BioCorRx® Recovery Program is very effective and we want to be able to make it readily available to the masses in all areas of the country, so we are frequently seeking partnerships with experienced business professionals and qualified medical professionals that have a passion to battle addiction. If you are an addiction counselor or a doctor and want to learn more about how you can join our growing network of providers certified in the BioCorRx® Recovery Program, please contact us.

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For more information, please call 888-993-1099 or click on 'FIND A LOCATION' below to
find an independent medical provider near you that offers the BioCorRx® Recovery Program.

*The BioCorRx® Recovery program is a medically based program that’s only available from independent medical professionals, but it’s not a cure and doesn’t work for everyone. BioCorRx® does not sell to consumers and does not diagnose or treat individuals. Individual results will vary. Individuals should consult with a doctor to determine if the program, or any portion of it, is right for them.

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