Beating Addiction with BioCorRx and the Naltrexone Implant


Jeremy Miller, Child Star and Alcoholism

Former child actor Jeremy Miller of the award-winning  TV series. Growing recovery program and utilized the naltrexone implant procedure to significantly reduce or virtually eliminate cravings associated with addiction

Jeremy Miller shares his battle with alcoholism. He talks about helping others through their alcohol and opioid addictions with the use of the BioCorRx program and the naltrexone implant procedure and  what it was like to grow up faster, being a child star ,”. Miller, who is recovering form alcoholism but has been sober many years now, say. ” You don’t really have a choice.”

Jeremy explains that it was later in life when his addiction developed.
“I’m not your classic child star gone bad. My alcoholism didn’t begin until well after the show, when I was dealing with family stuff and addiction became a way to suppress painful emotions”.

Sharing his low points, Jeremy recalls, “At my worst point, I’d wake up and rush to the store to pick up a couple of cans of malt liquor. By noon, I’d start working on a bottle of hard alcohol. I’d drink all day, then black out and pass out at night. It was horrible, absolutely horrible.” “I realized what I was doing to my boys. They were scared to be around me. That was the tipping point.”

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