Virtual Sex Addiction Therapist

Sex addiction is never about sex but a symptom of something more profound. Anyone struggling with sex addiction will do better trying to figure out their triggers so they can solve the sexual problem.

Sex is a normal and healthy urge of life, but it can be problematic when we use it to escape life. Failing to treat sexual addiction will come with many challenges, such as poor sleep, lousy concentration, musturbation, and financial trouble. We provide different virtual sex addiction therapies to deal with childhood trauma, relationship stress, and other underlying issues causing the addiction.

Reasons to seek virtual sex addiction treatment therapies

Sex addiction is about overusing your body’s process of releasing dopamine and oxytocin to feel good. The good hormones help them escape deeper issues in their lives, much like any other drug would.

Nobody is immune to sex addiction, but studies show that men and women have different ways of getting into sexual addiction.

Some people get sex addiction because they love the emotional and mental high of conquering and getting into the act, while others love the love feeling it arouses. You can experience both effects, which is why it becomes so challenging to get yourself out or even distinguish between healthy and unhealthy sexual attachment.

The objective of a virtual sex addiction therapist

Our therapist has worked with hundreds of clients and heard everything there is to know about the illness. Our goal is to help you break your compulsive sexual behavior in a comfortable and controlled space while giving you new tools to cope with triggers and stressors. We work with you to help you confront depression, guilt, and shame, but without the judgment, you would get from normal society. You should achieve the following benefits after intense sex addiction therapy.

Reconnect you back to yourself

Nowadays, there is little room for sex offenders to get away with their crime because the laws are hell-bent on keeping that label on you for as long as you live. The Internet makes things even worse because it never forgets, and people will still find information years from today. So what makes people engage in sexual activities that could destroy their life for infinity?

Onlookers will say that it should be easy to avoid a sexual indulgence and say when you have so much at stake, right? Wrong. It is not easy to say no when you d not even know the forces that drive you to seek pleasure. Our virtual therapist and sex addiction treatment programs are here to uncover all the reasons and give your mind the serenity it needs to make good decisions.

Build healthy relationships

Sex has so many different angles and knowing what is healthy and the signs of a sex addict will save you from a lot of trouble. Our job is to break you open to your most vulnerable state, so you can steer through the noise of what is good or bad, to learn the difference between the healthy and unhealthy.

Start your virtual therapy treatment today by scheduling a confidential consultation or calling 312-593-1711 for more information on how to treat sex addiction.

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