Outpatient drug rehab Florida

If you experience withdrawal, regardless of the intensity or the symptoms, you need immediate assistance. Substance addiction is brutal in the long run and we, at Changes Treatment Center, can help you. Many people believe that detoxification suffices when it comes to overcoming addiction but that’s a critical mistake.

In reality, all it does is to provide you with temporary relief, without treating the causes of the problem. Our outpatient drug rehab in Florida does just that. We use a multi-disciplinary strategy that brings together a variety of programs and procedures. These include:

Prolonged detoxification

The detox procedure is vital for eliminating withdrawal. Without that, you wouldn’t be able to stay sober for too long. But beating withdrawal is but one aspect of the detoxification process. Another one involves alleviating the symptoms associated with collateral mental disorders. Many patients show signs of anxiety, depression, high irritability, inconsistent thinking, and other disorders, and treating the patient without addressing these problems is a mistake.

In the long run, these issues will most likely cause them to relapse. To prevent these cases, we use Dual-Diagnosis treatments, meant to address co-occurring disorders, regardless of their nature. It’s what makes our rehab treatment one of the most effective ones in practice.

Psychological rehabilitation

The psychotherapies we use include medication as part of the strategy. They work great both during the inpatient program, as well as the outpatient one. The issue with the latter is that the context changes. We will no longer have the control and the degree of supervision that the inpatient program will allow us.

Instead, the outpatient drug rehab in Florida offers more freedom and allows you to pursue your treatment while remaining socially active. This means that we’ll set appointments for you to come in for various therapeutic sessions. This strategy will combine the benefits of our advanced rehabilitation programs with the sensation of being in control of your life once more. We’ll build on that sensation and prove to you that you do have the power to change your life if you choose to.

Emotional and spiritual healing

We use EMDR as part of the mechanism designed to treat emotional traumas and rectify your emotional response and behavior. Faith plays a similar role, and we have a variety of faith-based strategies to revive your spirit and shape your system of values. It’s one of the most effective strategies when it comes to preventing the relapse and ensuring you’ll remain sober over the years.

As you can see, we don’t take substance addiction lightly. If you can’t join an inpatient program, check out our outpatient drug rehab in Florida! You can find out more about the program by calling us, or you can come straight to our center.

At Changes Treatment Center, we provide you with a remedy to your problems. Life is too short and too sublime to waste it on drugs and alcohol. Contact us, and let’s wipe the damages clean! You can still have a fulfilling future if you choose to!

Outpatient drug rehab Florida

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