Medical Billing For Treatment Centers

Medical billing for treatment centers

Just like regular hospitals, addiction treatment centers often need help with patient billing. If anything, the intricacies of addiction treatment make the billing more complicated than what would obtain in regular hospitals. If you run an addiction treatment center, there is no doubt you’ll benefit significantly from outsourcing your billing to a company that specializes in medical billing for treatment centers. To get your practice started, schedule a free consultation with Medical Billing Connection, a trusted and reliable medical billing company for treatment centers in America.

What are the common mistakes made by addiction treatment centers?

A lot of treatment centers are in a constant struggle to balance the books, even while they deliver quality services and boast an impressive patient turnover rate. The problem lies with the enormous gaps in their billing and revenue collection systems. Whether you’re doing in-house billing or you’ve outsourced the service to a billing company, it is important to continually review your revenue collection systems and seek for ways to improve it. Here are some of the common mistakes made by addiction treatment centers when it comes to billing and revenue collection.

Not going hard enough on insurance companies

It is no news that insurance companies often bully mental health and substance abuse treatment providers. They have various tactics for delaying reimbursements or denying claims and questioning the necessity for the treatment methods employed by the provider. Although insurance companies also need to fight their own battles with fraudulent providers, ethical providers seem to be the only ones on the losing end of this war.

If you want to get paid quickly, you need to be stronger and faster in pursuing your claims and keeping up with the numerous regulatory changes. Your best bet at achieving this is outsourcing to a company that has the experience and knowledge to handle medical billing for treatment centers.

Neglecting claims that are past 90 days

Insurance companies are known to stall the payment of reimbursements because they know many companies give up on their deserved reimbursements with time. In many cases, treatment centers stop pursuing claims that are past 90 days. Whether you’re operating an in-house billing system or outsourcing the process, you should always emphasize on recouping long-standing claims. If your current system does not have the knowledge or time resource to achieve this, you should consider changing the system.

Not following proper billing guidelines

Sometimes, insurance companies have genuine reasons for faulting the claims forwarded by addiction treatment centers. Sometimes, it’s due to not obtaining pre-treatment authorization when you should or inserting the wrong codes for the wrong treatment. Such seemingly minor medical billing for treatment center mistakes could cost you a lot of money.

Contact a specialist medical billing for treatment center provider

To optimize your company’s revenue flow, you need to pay adequate attention to the billing and revenue collection process. Hiring the experts that have the requisite knowledge and experience as members of your organization would cost you a fortune. The more reason why you should consider working with Medical Billing Connection. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll be glad to let you know how we can help.


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