drug intervention California

At The Plan Case Management, we offer unsurpassable drug intervention in California with a team of trained and experienced professionals. Here are some of the benefits of working with a professional drug interventionist:

  1. They possess the knowledge, experience, and understand addiction

Although you see your loved one struggling with an addiction daily, you may find it hard to relate to their concerns, fears, and day to day challenges. An alcohol rehab intervention specialist will analyze the situation objectively and guide you on how you can help your loved one overcome addiction. Experienced interventionists are experts at moderating a face-to-face meeting with the addict and you can rely on them for advice when it comes to staging an intervention successfully.

  1. They act as a neutral party in an intervention

While the intervention team will include the addict’s, family members, close friends, children, and spouses, it is not uncommon for the addict to feel cornered and judged during the confrontation. When you have a San Francisco intervention services provider supervising the intervention, you can ensure order and accord between the members during the intervention. Furthermore, a neutral party can view, assess, examine, and evaluate the intervention objectively and can moderate the discussion to yield a desirable outcome.

  1. They help deliver an ultimatum

While you shouldn’t drag an intervention for several weeks, you also need to offer the addict a reasonable amount of time to make the right decision. You may have to conduct several interventions until the addict chooses to join a San Francisco, CA alcohol rehab. When you hire a trained and experienced interventionist, they are going to regulate the intervention in such a way that the addicts make the right decision within one or two sessions. This means your loved one can get started on recovery as soon as possible, and you do not have to spend several hours in planning and assembling an intervention team over and over again.

  1. They can moderate and regulate the meeting 

An interventionist is an expert at planning, supervising, and staging alcohol addiction interventions. Attempting to stage an intervention alone with your family members and the addict can end up hurting the feelings of several people in the group and worsen the addict’s mental state and confidence. When you have an experienced professional supervising the intervention, your confrontation is less likely to go wrong, and will feel more like a family therapy session.

  1. They provide credibility

Interventionists provide a sense of credibility and act as a pillar of support while you confront your loved one. An interventionist will coach you on how to put forth your feelings constructively and in a non-judgemental manner. This way, you can ensure the success of the procedure and help your loved one join the rehab treatment..

Call the Plan Case Management at (805) 335-4646 to stage a drug intervention in California! Our team of experienced professionals plans the details of the confrontation, review your script, help you rehearse, and enable you to stage a successful intervention. Your loved one’s life may be at stake; take action now!

drug intervention California
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