Cns Nursing

CNS nursing

People who have a debilitating illness or have been involved in an accident or injury often need specialized care to aid recovery and provide comfort. Usually, the burden of providing this care fall on the immediate family members. However, combining the caregiver role with your regular life could be overwhelming. Our CNS nursing services at Valeo Home Health and Hospice hope to take this burden off your shoulders by providing compassionate home health and hospice services to individuals in need.

How much does CNS nursing cost?

The cost of home health and hospice services would depend on the care plan drafted by our experienced professionals. However, you can trust us to provide the most affordable services for the level of care on offer. You may request for more details about the cost of care during the chat or home evaluation.

Is CNS nursing covered by insurance?

When deemed appropriate, home health and hospice services are covered by insurance. Our home care experts can construct a personalized care plan that would be fully funded by Medicare. Valeo Home Health and Hospice also accepts payment from private insurance providers. However, the amount payable and the duration of care would be determined by the insurance provider, depending on your plan. You can rest assured our billing experts would work with your insurance company to get what’s best for you. Our company also accepts some Medicare replacement plans.

How do I get started?

If you need home health and hospice services, Hiring our CNS nursing professionals is easy as pie. Follow the three steps below, and you’re good to go:

Step 1: Quick chat

Speak with a qualified physician at Valeo Home Health and Hospice to determine how much care you or your loved one needs. During the conversation, the clinician will evaluate where you are with your health, and together, you’ll develop a rough idea of where you want to be.

Step 2: Schedule an evaluation

After the chat, one of our qualified clinicians would pay a visit to your home to make a thorough assessment of your health needs. The goals of care and other relevant details would be finetuned during the home evaluation.

Step 3: Receive care

Our team of experts provides specialized care to patients based on the findings from the in-home evaluation. Every patient has a customized plan of care that would be continually reviewed to ensure the team remains on track to achieve the treatment goals.

Get in touch with us today

At Valeo Home Health and Hospice, we specialize in delivering affordable care to people who have experienced an illness or injury, at their convenience. We have a formidable home health team that’s adept at providing physical and occupational therapy, skilled nursing, social work services, home health aides, and physician oversight services to our esteemed patients. Whether you’ve been diagnosed with an illness or recovering from an accident or surgery, you can trust our CNS nursing experts to give you the best of care and comfort. Schedule a home evaluation today and see how we can be of help.

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Cns Nursing
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