No one is immune form addiction; it afflicts people of all ages,races,classes, and professions. -Patrick J. Kennedy

Addiction is a disease involving the circuitry of the brain responsible for reward, memory, motivation, and more. When these circuits become dysfunctional, it opens the door for characteristic biological, psychological, social, and spiritual expressions. People with this disease often pathologically pursue reward and/or relief, often through the abuse of alcohol and/or drugs. Individuals suffering from addiction are frequently described by their incapacity to abstain, destructive behavioral problems, cravings, and an inability to recognize the negative impact their addictions are having on various interpersonal relationships. Addiction is also regularly characterized by periods of relapse and remission. If left unchecked and untreated, addiction can lead to disability or premature death.

BioCorRx® Recovery Program Approach to Addiction 

The BioCorRx® Recovery Program was designed for people who have tried quitting drinking or abusing drugs in past and have failed each and every time. Before finding this program, many patients have attempted a variety of different methods to end their additions, including: willpower approaches, detox, various rehab centers, outpatient recovery centers, therapy, psychiatrists, 12-step programs, group therapies, and the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, despite their best and wholehearted efforts, they never seem to be able to overcome their addictions and quite abusing drugs and alcohol. The reason their recovery is never successful is because addiction is a chronic brain disease, with major underlying physiological factors that often go untouched by conventional addiction treatment programs.

In contrast, the BioCorRx® Recovery Program offers a comprehensive and wide-ranging, science based approach to overcoming addiction. The program utilizes a highly effective and innovative medical implant, Naltrexone, to significantly reduce or eliminate the brain’s persistent cravings for more drugs or alcohol. As a safe and biodegradable implant, patients do not need to worry about accidentally forgetting to take a pill or a shot, and thus making them dangerously susceptible to relapse. Once the patient is free from the bonds of cravings and unmitigated desire to use or drink alcohol, they can participate in the counseling they need to confront their underlying psychological, emotional, and spiritual needs, so they can once and for all attain life-long sobriety

Alcoholism is one of the costliest epidemics in our country, and in more ways than one. The disease takes a stunning emotional, psychological, physical, and economic toll on individuals, families, and even entire communities throughout society. Though many so-called treatments for this chronic disease of the brain exist, few have proven to be effective for the majority of suffers. To make matters worse, treatment for alcoholism has gone virtually untouched since 1935

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The past decade has seen a staggering rise in opiate abuse in communities across the nation, making it without a doubt, one of the deadliest and most devastating disease epidemics in America today. This human catastrophe has reached such heights because of a myriad of reasons, including: reckless regulatory oversight, questionable prescription practices by the medical community, and the overproduction of tremendously addictive drugs by the nation’s major profit-driven pharmaceutical companies.

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*The BioCorRx® Recovery Program is a medically based program that’s only available from independent medical professionals, but it’s not a cure and doesn’t work for everyone. BioCorRx® does not sell to consumers and does not diagnose or treat individuals. Individual results will vary. Individuals should consult with their physician to determine if the program, or any portion of it, is right for them.

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