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9 Ways To Beat Addiction

Overcome addiction

Those who experience addiction are usually looking for an outlet or escape from reality constantly, which is why they often get involved in taking harmful substances. Many people fail to realize that along with a lifestyle change; medical assistance is needed for people who can no longer control themselves from a drug overdose. Nevertheless, changes in lifestyle and surroundings contribute a huge deal when one is trying to beat addiction.

With this in mind, let’s look at ways you can beat addiction once and for all:

Support System

Are your friends really friends if they aren’t helping you stay away from harmful activities and substances? Having a circle of friends that keeps you away from toxic habits is crucial on your road to recovery. When you are aware that your current physiological and mental condition might be in a fragile state, have a group around that does not promote bad behaviors in any way. Having a supportive circle with you as much as possible makes a huge difference. Ask your friends and family to look out for you whenever possible, set daily reminders, and ask your support group to check up on you frequently.


Mentors and motivators are a huge help when it comes to encouragement and accountability. Having somebody to look up to and someone you can speak to when things can get rough will be of great help when you are trying to overcome addiction. Such practices also assist with the physical, mental, and spiritual health of an individual. That being said, be sure to get yourself an emotional sponsor. This person can be somebody you respect and be accountable to when you get involved in harmful activities. You can confess to this person and get the vital support you need when times are tough.

Identify Weaknesses

It would help if you stayed self-aware of when and how you indulge in the activity or substance(s) you are trying to stay away from. Is it around friends? When you’re stressed during work hours? Identify these potential weak spots and try to replace them with healthy neutralizing habits. For instance, if you are most likely to take a damaging substance during your lunch break at work, then try to replace that with calling a friend instead of going for a walk outside while listening to relaxing music.

Healthy Getaways

You need getaways when you realize your stress and cravings are mounting. However, do not replace one addiction with another. For example, instead of taking drugs, you book a weekend getaway in Vegas where you later go on a gambling binge, then possibly resort to drinking eventually—as you’re surrounded by it. Try to think of other activities you enjoy that might not be physically and mentally harmful. Even if your actual friends aren’t available when you need an escape, books can be your great friends too! Read books or magazines that would interest you, even listen to podcasts, or watch inspirational videos online. Anything productive is great in replacement to something that will pull you back into a dark place.


Distractions are a great way to deal with many life problems. Thankfully with all of the streaming content available these days, there are many movies and TV shows to pick from. If that doesn’t interest you, try to organize a game night with your friends with board games or video games. You can also visit your family, or just get out of the house and go for a run. When you start feeling the urge to partake in addictive behavior, get up to get busy with activities that would keep your mind occupied with healthy distractions. Cleaning, gardening, cooking, baking, mowing the garden, arts and crafts; there is an endless list of what all you can distract yourself with.

Physical Exertion

Nothing beats the feeling of sweating out all the bad energy inside or even the toxins for that matter. Exercising gives a boost to the happy hormones inside and helps you fight the cravings for certain harmful substances. In addition, physical movement and sweating will make you feel better physically, energize you for the rest of the day and help you sleep better at night, without the need for drugs or alcohol use.

In order to overcome addiction, you should consider exercising regularly. It can effectively drop stress levels in people with a substance abuse problem and even help them be more social without feeling the need to indulge in their vice first. A moderate exercising routine such as a  half an hour jog or an hour of brisk walking, or if you have a bike—cycling usually does the trick.

Get Involved In A Project

There are always projects around in school, college courses, and societal clubs that can keep you busy—if you can make the time to enroll. In addition, nonprofit organizations always need volunteers. Community service projects can make you feel accomplished and keep you busy during your free hours. Search for community projects around you online and pick one that suits you well. There can be nothing perhaps more rewarding than helping others too!

Keep Yourself In Check

Keep a journal and keep writing down your feelings after your worst addiction trips, and when you feel great as well. Read them and compare them every day. Keeping yourself in check by recording your thoughts will help you identify exactly what kind of feelings you experience to make sure you come up with ways to prevent a relapse.

Comfort Zone

You may have an object that makes you feel better or a place that calms you down around the house. Have a safe room, or a stress ball, or even a favorite sentimental object with you as often as possible. Hold it every time you feel you are losing control. Also, moments of silence in your safe spot and with your security item will help you overcome potentially overwhelming feelings.

Just Be!

You don’t always have to do something to overcome addiction. If you aren’t doing anything and you’re just lying there in bed, healthy solitude can also be good enough for certain days. However, if you believe you need professional assistance in beating your addiction because you cannot monitor yourself effectively, contact our experts, who are here to help you plan a routine and guide you through these trying times. Call us now at 888-993-1099 or write to us at

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